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The 2020 5S Winner is…Houston, TX 402!!!

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The 2020 5S Winner is…Houston, TX 402!!!

During the last year Quala has been able to focus on updates across the network which has made choosing the 2020 Annual 5S winner even more difficult. As we begin our new year, our Executive Vice President of Quality & Operational Excellence, Edie Reaves, is pleased to announce the winners of 2020 and we applaud all of our team’s efforts.

Edie confirms, “The 5S program is a great way for our teams to enhance their operations for internal efficiencies and customer benefit.  The competition allows everyone to get involved.”

Congratulations to the Houston Texas team, we are excited to see what your team is able to accomplish in 2021.

Overall 2020 WinnerHouston, TX (facility number 402)
East Regional WinnerBirmingham, AL (facility number 246)
West Honorable Mention: Regional WinnerNeenah, WI (facility number 249)
West Regional WinnerPasadena, TX (facility number 204)
IBC WinnerHouston, TX (facility number 402)

The 5S program is used in many industrial organizations focusing on enhanced performance, organization, and efficiency. The 5S system is composed of five pillars that help employees achieve positive changes: Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain.

Completing and implementing the 10 core requirements for this program takes dedication and teamwork. This year we are excited to see what our locations will focus on and what they will accomplish.

We would like to thank each of our facilities that have performed a 5S in the past, and we look forward to hearing about the current projects that are taking place this year. Congratulations to our 2021 Winners!