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The 2020 5S Winner is…Houston, TX 402!!!

During the last year Quala has been able to focus on updates across the network which has made choosing the 2020 Annual 5S winner even more difficult. As we begin our new year, our Executive Vice President of Quality & Operational Excellence, Edie Reaves, is pleased to announce the winners of 2020 and we applaud…
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The 2019 5S Winner is…Oakville, ONT!!!

Over the last two years, Quala has been running an Annual 5S Competition companywide. The 5S program is orchestrated by Edie Reaves, our Executive Vice President of Quality & Operational Excellence. Throughout the year, employees at each facility are able to submit photos and information regarding any and all 5S projects they have performed. The…
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Manager Highlight: La Porte’s Henry McKinney

We’re investing in our local leaders to benefit our customers.  As an integral part of the Quala Network for over 8 years, our La Porte (TX) facility has provided our Texas customers with a convenient location and experienced service. We have taken an extra interest in the service offerings in La Porte and are excited…
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Thank YOU Truck Drivers!

Quala recognizes Truck Drivers across the Nation & would like to show our gratitude for their service during National Truck Driver Week and EVERY WEEK! Sept. 9, 2019 – Tampa, FL – The United States has a unique connection to Truck Drivers since our cities are connected with thousands of miles of interstate highway. During…
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Our 2018 5S Facility Award Goes To Shreveport, AL

Shreveport, AL – May 21, 2019 -On May 21st, 2019, Quala CEO, Scott Harrison, and Executive Vice President of Quality and Operational Excellence, Edie Reaves, visited the Shreveport terminal to present Quala’s 2018 5S Facility Award to Terminal Manager, Michael Clifton, and his team. “We couldn’t be more excited about the improvements made to this…
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