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We offer Specialty Services that keep
our environment safe.

Our specialty service facility in Houston, TX is able to perform cleans on highly hazardous products. As one of the most robust service offering locations, our staff will work with your team to make sure your equipment is cleaned and maintained by government and your company’s standards.

Connect with our Specialty Team

“Our team has the experience and the equipment to perform your most unique service requests. We go above and beyond to ensure protection of your equipment and reduce your risk.”

A few things we specialize in.

Our team is constantly working toward improving our knowedge base and service offerings. We attend multiple DOT training events throughout the year to make sure we remain on the leading edge of our industry. 

High Haz & Odorous Chemical Cleaning

Cleaning requiring advanced vapor controls and/or specialized cleaning procedures to chemically clean, neutralize and/or safely react out container residues. Utilizing closed loop heel removal we deactivate odorous compounds.

Haz Waste Repackaging

Our facility is able to remove solid and sludge heel and provide drumming from trailers, ISO’s and boxes. Customers that require these type of services include: large waste generators/chemical plants, and disposal companies.

Cylinder Cleaning

Products transported in cylinder containers are the most reactive and/or odorous waste types. 
We offer the same cleaning processes as High Haz Chemical Cleaning, and may utilize specific procedures, such as, full-filling, solvent washing, and/or rolling to aid in removing residue where no manway

Special Projects

Every now and then we receive unique, one-off projects involving high haz transloading, polymerized heel removal, specialized equipment cleaning – scrubbers, reactors, etc. Please contact our team to learn more about our solutions for your specialized needs.

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Specialty Services

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Chemical Cleaning

Container residues “last contained” include rock-hard polymers, mixtures of flammable liquids and solids, gaseous or liquid toxic chemicals, reactive or odorous compounds, and other highly regulated materials such as PCB’s or Poison Inhalation Hazards. In addition, Quala Rail & Specialty has Kosher cleaning certifications and the ability to perform dry bulk food grade cleaning utilizing the company’s GMP procedures. The following list illustrates chemicals and types of mixtures that our team routinely manages:

Heading 6RCRA Hazardous Wastes
Reactive Chemicals
Halogenated Organics
Highly Toxic Chemicals
Acrylates, Amines
Amorphous Polypropylene, Polyurethane
Acrolein, Diazinon
Anhydrous Acids, Refrigerants
Odorous Chemicals
Pesticides / Herbicides
Compressed Gases
Halogenated Solvents, P-listed Waste
Titanium Tetrachloride, Toluene
Hydrogen Peroxide, Potassium
Chlorobenzene, Orthochlorotoulene
Phenols, Acrylonitrile