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Work Safe

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Learn why our team Works Safe…

Learn about the driving source behind our safety culture from our most valuable assests, our people. The inspiring conversation among our people about why we work safe is important to our overall mission to improve, develop, and grow together as a Quala Family. 

Our WorkSafe Testimonials

Each person on our team is unique, that is why we encourage Quala employees to wear proper PPE and be conscious of their actions. When we are aware of the risks in our daily tasks and help eachother mitigate these risks we are able to WorkSafe as a team.

Cameron Bush

Tank Technician

I work safe, because safety is the major key factor in the industry we work in. I also work safe so that i am able to make it home to my beautiful family.

Juan Rivera


I work safe to get back home to see my family.

Maurice Loadholt

Tank Technician

I work safe because this job requires standard PPE for our safety. Failure to use proper PPE can cause serious life changing events.

Traci Breazeale

Customer Care Coordinator

I work safe because I have 2 kiddos, a husband, and the most adorable puppy dog ever that I want to get home to each evening.

Joe Coleman


I work safe so Quala can secure extra money saved from lack of incidents. That saved money can result in increased wages or bonuses and we all benefit from me working safe.

Rick Derr

General Manager

It does not have as much to do with why I work safe as it does making sure that you work safe. In the Military I lost friends and comrades during times of conflict. These situations I had little or no control over. I do have more control now and I accept it. I feel that it is my responsibility to ensure that you make it home to your family the same way they gave you to me.
I never want to write another letter to loved ones in grieving.

Carl Walker

Driver QIS

I work safe to provide for my family and to be able to make it home to them daily.

Chelsea Mikell

Customer Service Cordinator

I work safe so that I can go home and see my family! Also, looking out for all of my amazing co-workers so that they get the blessing of seeing their families every day as well. It’s a team across the board here and while we all love our families, I care about these guys just as much! We look out for ourselves for work safe hazards, but we also look out for one another because we are a family here at the Quala. Each one of us have opportunities to grow, but doing it safely is the first step!

Chief Monsegur

Lead Truck Wash

I work safe, so i can go home to my wife.

Tyler Daniels

Tank Technician

I work safe to go home to my family the same way I come to work.

Hector Olivares


I work safe to come home and see my family everyday.

Leonel Romero

WW Operator, Waste Coordinator

Go home same way I left.