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Executive Team

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Our Executive Leadership.

At Quala we take our time to get to know the people at all levels within the company. Our team is ambitious, collaborative and respectful of the people and the future of our business. Great leaders listen, they act according to the humble principles defined by a solid plan executed by the human assets within the organization.

“Building Trust is the core responsibility to all constituents at
every level throughout the company”
Erik Leto, Chief Operations Officer

Terry O’Brien


Edie Reaves

Executive VP
Quality & Operational Excellence

Mike Geis

Vice President
Information Technology

Paul Hofley

Vice President
Sales & Marketing

Jerry Stafford

Vice President

Paul Woodbury

Vice President
Human Resources

John Jolly

Vice President
Business Development

Brian Bolinger

Vice President
Environmental, Health, & Safety

Vicki Pringle

Executive Assistant
C 248-866-8954