Facility Updates

Quala Locations Hunker Down for Hurricane Florence.

During this week we will be experiencing extreme weather in the Carolinas and surrounding facilities. Please check back on this page periodically to view the latest changes in our services and hours of operation. 

Quala Locations affected by the storm.

Atlanta | 10

Resumed normal hours.

Augusta | 268 Resumed normal hours. 

Charleston | 102

Resumed normal hours. 

Charlotte | 115

Resumed normal hours. 

Greenville | 263 Resumed normal hours. 

Jacksonville | 114

Resumed normal hours. 

Rock Hill | 297 Resumed normal hours. 
Savannah | 254

Resumed normal hours. 

Wilmington | 285

Currently out of power. – Please check back for updates. 

These facilities listed above were in the path of Hurricane Florence, we have weathered the storm and all locations are up and running, excluding Wilmington.  ***Please note that Quala will not be responsible for the adverse damage to your equipment, due to these conditions, and suggests that you take adequate measures to ensure the safety of your equipment.

Last update 9/17/2018 10:00 am EST

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