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Quala’s Survival of the Fittest 2019

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Quala’s Survival of the Fittest 2019

The season is here and we’re all geared up for our Customer Appreciation Contest, Quala’s Survival of the Fittest!!!

Join today for your chance to win the Grand Prize of $350 for 1st place! Remember to make a pick each week or you will automatically get a strike. Up to 3 strikes and you are OUT! Good luck, pick smart, and have fun!

Pick a different winner of one pro football game each week by Sunday at 10:00 am. Win, and live to pick again. Lose, and you get a strike. Get 3 strikes, and you’re eliminated. It all sounds easy, right? Sign up, and see if you can outlast the competition.

The Grand Prize is a $350 Visa Gift Card!!!

2nd Place: $200 Gift Card

3rd Place: $100 Gift Card

To accept the invitation, follow this link. For reference, here is the group information:

Group ID#: 13308
Password: quala1302 

NFL Survival of the Fittest: