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Quala’s EHS Team Gains a New Leader

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Quala’s EHS Team Gains a New Leader

Quala Appoints Brian Bolinger as Vice President of the Environmental Health and Safety Department

September 11, 2019 – The Quala Family welcomes the new VP of Environmental Health and Safety, Brian Bolinger. Brian’s experience in various roles in a number of industries will allow him to successfully guide the Quala Network to implement best practices in their daily routines. Utilizing his 25 years of strategic leadership, Brian will help his team to identify opportunities, flag threats, and become proactive in regards to safety so they can continuously improve their environmental, health, and safety culture. Brian has a proven track record of deploying his skills & expertise to help drive positive results within multiple world-class organizations.  Furthermore, he is fully aligned with the Quala vision and will work diligently to ensure all employees return home safely each and every day.   

Brian states, “ What I have learned over the years that I find interesting about safety is we all have the same goal: to return to our families, friends, and hobbies in the same way we leave them each day.  We all are slightly at a different point in our journey to total safety engagement, but as a collective whole, we are all in this journey together. We all need to tirelessly make it our priority to help each other reach our common goal.”

Working with heavy equipment, dangerous chemicals, large areas, and the constant threat of changing weather conditions, makes running a network of Tank Wash facilities, effectively, a unique challenge. Quala is always looking to decrease the risks our employees encounter daily. One way that we are working to reduce these risks is by investing time in the environment, health, and safety of our employees. Working together to make safe behaviors common practice is what we are focusing on company-wide. Quala is fostering a culture that all of us are in this journey together, in hopes that every employee, contractor, customer, and visitors entering our locations will feel confident in helping each other safely perform their daily tasks. 

“Too often during our daily routine we all become complacent with our safety training and that is when fatal errors occur. Over the last few months, we have launched a new program called “WorkSafe”. We are hoping by sharing the reasons each of our employees “WorkSafe” will encourage coworkers to speak up when unsafe practices are occurring and promote an enhanced sense of awareness of their workplace daily,” explains Brian.  

Check out the current WorkSafe Submissions here. Or learn more about our Safety Culture.

Contact Brian via email at BBolinger@quala.us.com or phone (260) 410-3460.