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Join Quala’s Safety Poster Contest

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Join Quala’s Safety Poster Contest

Do you have a young artist in your family? Are you a Quala or PSC employee?

Why not join our Safety Poster Contest and win some great prizes?

Quala has opened up submissions for free-hand drawings that exemplify our dedication to the safety of our most valuable asset: our employees.

Why are we so dedicated to safety?

Safety is at the heart of everything we do here at Quala. Each person on our team is unique, that is why we encourage Quala employees to wear proper PPE and be conscious of their actions. When we are aware of the risks in our daily tasks and help each other mitigate these risks we are able to WorkSafe as a team. (Read more about our WorkSafe Initiative here).

And we know proper risk management doesn’t just affect our employees; it means a whole lot to their families too!

That’s why we’re asking all eligible Quala and PSC dependents to create artwork that shows what safety means to them.

What are the rules of the Safety Poster Contest?

Here’s the rules: The poster contest is open to all Quala and PSC employee’s dependents, children, and/or grandchild.

Entries must be made by a child under 18 years old.

Entries must be free-hand drawings in crayon, magic markers, pencil or pen and must be safety themed.

Contest submissions will close August 12, 2022.

What are the prizes?

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will receive cash prizes! 1st will receive a $300 gift card from Quala. 2nd will receive a $200 gift card. And 3rd will receive a $100 gift card.

All participants will receive a free Quala t-shirt.

Winning entries will also be featured in Quala’s 2023 Safety Calendar!

How do I submit artwork?

You can sign up for the contest and submit artwork here: https://quala.us.com/safety-poster-contest/

Or you can physically mail entries to: Quala Corporate Headquarters Att: Safety Poster contest 500 N. Westshore Boulevard, Suite 435 Tampa, FL 33609

Need some inspiration? Here’s a few safety themed ideas to get your young artist going:

  • trips
  • poison safety
  • falls/fall prevention
  • confined space/OSHA safety
  • burn safety
  • climbing safety
  • personal protective equipment
  • industrial equipment safety
  • fire safety/family escape planning
  • bicycle safety
  • electrical safety
  • sports safety
  • drugs/alcohol abuse
  • water safety
  • driving safety
  • forklift safety
  • lockout tagout
  • respiratory safety
  • power tool safety

We look forward to seeing what your young artist creates!!