Quala Waste Water Services

Waste Water Treatment & Management

Quala’s waste water management program encompasses a broad range of efforts that promote effective and responsible wastewater treatment and disposal, as well as the encouragement of the protection and restoration of our nation’s watersheds.

• In accordance with all EPA standards, any residual chemicals or commodities that remain inside the cargo tank prior to cleaning are completely removed.
• High pressure steam water is used where necessary.
• Ground systems and drains are completely protected from chemical spills or discharges.
• Treatment systems are kept clean of sludge and debris ensuring complete and proper functionality.

All waste water generated from an internal or external cleaning operation is pretreated and discharged in accordance with the Clean Water Act and in full compliance with the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) and local Publicly Owned Treatment Works. Additionally, any waste water collected or transported off-site is done so in full compliance with applicable regulations. At Quala, we are proud to be good stewards of the world in which we live, and will always adhere to the most environmentally sound waste water procedures.

Waste Water Treatment Third party non-hazardous water treated at several locations. Call for locations and to request a profile form.

• NPDES Water
• Tank Wash Water
• Landfill Leachate Water


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