Our Rail & Specialty services will keep 

your business on track.

With the rail industry being busier than it has ever been, it is vital for any company to keep their railcars in excellent condition in order to meet current demands. Our Rail & Specialty team will work with you to make sure your equipment is safe and meets all necessary regulations. 

A Typical Wash Procedure Consists of the Following:

• Customers provide a cleaning request form describing the services needed as well as contents previously carried.

• The contents of the previous load are validated through MSDS and Bill of Lading.

• The proprietary cleaning library is researched to determine the appropriate cleaning method.

• Railcars are brought into the bay, and if necessary, are drained of leftover contents.

• The cleaning process begins, and once completed, all cleaning chemicals are thoroughly rinsed, and all drained water is collected in fully enclosed water reclamation systems.

• The container is dried and inspected for cleanliness in its entirety.


Tank Car Service Equipment Qualification

Change of Service
Light Wreck Repair
Heavy Freight Car Repairs
HM-216 Tank Car Qualification
NDT Services
Covered and Open Top Hopper Repairs 

General Repairs
Interchange Repairs
Light Wreck Repairs
Structural Welding Repairs
Mobile Repairs
Stenciling / Paint Touch-ups
Lining Touch-ups 

Covered and Open Hopper Repairs
Outlet Gate Change Outs
Hatch Cover Change Outs
Pressure Differential Equipment Service
Lining Inspection & Touch-ups


HM-216 Tank Car Qualification and Inspection
Visual Inspection
Structural Integrity Inspection
Service Equipment Requalification
Onsite Valve Repair / Rebuilding
Safety System Inspection
Lining / Coating Inspection
Field Manual Rule 88b Inspection
Stub Sill Inspection 

NDT Services 

VT Direct Visual Inspection
RVI Remove Visual Inspection
UTT Ultrasonic Thickness


AAR M-1002 Tank Car Facility
M-1003 Quality Assurance Program
Heavy Freight Car Repairs
Tank Car Repairs 
PT Liquid Penetrant Testing
MT Magnetic Particle Testing
LT Leak Testing

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