Quala Rail Car Cleaning Services


Quala excels in its rail car cleaning services at its Miles City, MT service center along with a proprietary database of cleaning procedures for more than 12,000 different products. This extensive library, developed after years of testing and chemical analysis, is an integral part of every cleaning—ensuring you of the highest quality of service in the industry.

A Typical Wash Procedure Consists of the Following:

• Customers provide a cleaning request form describing the services needed as well as contents previously carried.

• The contents of the previous load are validated through MSDS and Bill of Lading.

• The proprietary cleaning library is researched to determine the appropriate cleaning method.

• Rail Cars are brought into the bay, and if necessary, are drained of left over contents.

• The cleaning process begins, and once completed, all cleaning chemicals are thoroughly rinsed, and all drained water is collected in fully enclosed water reclamation systems.

• The container is dried and inspected for cleanliness in its entirety.

Rail Car Services

• Interior and Exterior Cleaning
• Tank Cars
• Pressure Cars
• G/P Cars
• Hopper Cars
• Rail Car Maintenance and Repair

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