Quala Services

“We’ll have you clean, dry, odor-free,
on schedule, and ready for your next load.”


With a thorough understanding of what service means, Quala tank washing and container solutions continues to elevate the companies within the bulk transportation industry. From a hand picked network of industrial tank cleaning service centers, including IBC tote cleaning, ISO tank cleaning, rail car, frac tank, waste water management and more, to expert training and support, Quala’s friendly staff is always ready to assist you with your most demanding needs. Some of the areas that set Quala apart are our ability to handle many types of materials, including chemical and food grade tank cleaning and repairs, as well as a full line of sustainable container solutions. Theses include, but are not limited to: Liquid Container Products Cleaned: Hazardous Chemicals, Non-Hazardous Chemicals, Food Grade Cleaning, Hazardous Waste Cleaning and Management Dry Bulk Container Products Cleaned: Hazardous Chemicals, Non-Hazardous Chemicals, Food Grade Cleaning, Plastic Pellets Container Types Cleaned: Tank Trailer Cleaning and Washing, IBC Cleaning/Tote Cleaning, ISO Container Cleaning, Rail Car Cleaning (including maintenance and repair), Frac Tank, Roll Off, and Waste Water Treatment Additionally, at all of our facilities, you will find the bulk transportation industry’s largest variety of cleaning processes from acrylate cleaning, boosted caustic wash, pressure washing, hydroblasting, IBC and ISO cleaning to dry bulk cleaning, exterior and interior tank cleaning, Kosher cleaning, polymer cleaning, and waste water treatment management to name a few. 

Working hard keeping your tank washing costs down.

While we try to keep costs to a minimum, the volatility of our energy costs – natural gas and electricity are increasing each month. In order to hedge ourselves while keeping your annual rate increases to a minimum, we will be adding a line item to each invoice with a nominal energy surcharge attached from the start of 2014. This surcharge will be effective March 1 and is based on a 2013 average of the Henry Hub Natural Gas Spot Price. If the Henry Hub Natural Gas price rises above $3.73, an energy surcharge will be added to each invoice based on the table below. However, if the spot rate falls below $3.73, no surcharge will be added. We hope that this energy spike will be temporary when demand tapers off and energy costs return to lower levels. Also see: US Energy Information Administration


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