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MSS Adds Tote / Asset Cycle Time Module to A.R.M.S. Tracking System

Cleveland, OH (October 20, 2003) – Manfredi Special Services (MSS) announced today that another technology upgrade has been implemented in the Asset Retrieval Management System (A.R.M.S.) internet based tote/asset tracking program. Specifically, the most current upgrade is the addition of a Tote/Asset Cycle Time module.

The Tote/Asset Cycle Time module and integrated management reports are designed to yield real-time, accurate information on each link in the supply chain. As the standard tote supply chain has a minimum of three to four links, the Cycle Time module will allow MSS and its clients to pinpoint the bottlenecks, which act as overall cost escalators to the supply chain.

Mr. Richard Manfredi, MSS President and CEO said, “The Cycle Time report allows our management team to present precise information and supply chain tightening opportunities to our clients. For example, if a tote is filled with product and sits in a finished goods warehouse for an extended period of time before being shipped to the customer, this represents an opportunity to improve asset utilization. The Cycle Time report adds real-time visibility to this and many other soft cost supply chain factors”.

Live e-demonstrations of the A.R.M.S. program are available at any time by contacting Eric Amstutz at 1-(888)383-2677 (ext 12).

Based in Cleveland, OH, Manfredi Special Services (MSS), an ISO certified company, offers comprehensive supply chain management solutions to clients filling and shipping product in Intermediate Bulk Containers (totes) and other related non-bulk containers. MSS integrates supply chain solutions through its network of over 18 cleaning/service centers, 750 trucks, dedicated third party logistics professionals and industry leading internet based tracking technology. MSS also offers asset conversions through tote fleet buyouts, trip-leasing and rental programs. For more information, contact MSS at (800)253-8683 or visit online at http://www.MSSIBC.com

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