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Let’s Work Together, Safely.

We appreciate your business and we are always looking for ways to increase the safety of our customers and employees. Here are our Visitor Rules that will help our customers stay safe during their visits.


Take your time.

Our sites are visited frequently by large equipment, chemicals that require special handling, and customers with various types of experience. Not rushing while navigating a Quala facility will help to eliminate unnecessary accidents.


Dress Appropriately

All of our locations are supplied with Personal protective equipment (PPE) for staff and visitors. Safety glasses, reflective vests and a hard hat/bump cap must be worn at all times. Only shoes or boots with closed toes and flats are acceptable footwear. Steel toe boots are required for larger facilities, ask a Quala employee if your footwear is appropriate for your location.


Call Ahead

Contact our facilities to let us know you’ll be arriving. Our staff can help communicate important information regarding services, availability, and facility amenities allowing your visit to be a pleasant and efficient. If your visit involves sales or solicitation, please schedule an appointment with our team.


with Quala Staff

Communication is a two-way street, and it is our ambition to have your requests performed quickly and correctly. Upon arrival, we ask all guests to sign in at the main office and wait to be escorted by our staff/employees.


Bring Appropriate Paperwork

In order to perform service, we will need appropriate paperwork from your team. If you are performing work at our facility, you must sign a Contractor Safety Rules Form, Insurance Requirements Form (SAF 020-01), and show proof of insurance before work is performed.


Avoid Restricted Areas and Items

Signage and barriers are posted throughout our facilities restricting visitors from entering specific areas. Avoiding these zones will help our guests to stay safe. The use, sale, or possession of weapons, drugs, and/or other contraband items are not allowed at Quala facilities. 


Get Help 

Any accidents, injuries, incidents or property damage occurring at a Quala facility must be immediately reported to the Facility Manager and EHS Department. Call the Quala EHS Reporting Hotline (1-844-QHL-SAFE) to report any incidents no matter how minor. If an emergency occurs during your visit, please dial 9-1-1.


Respect your Surroundings

Quala Facilities deal with large equipment and vast areas. Keeping these locations looking their best can be a difficult task for our crew. While you are visiting we ask that you deposit any trash in designated receptacles and leave common areas, such as driver rooms, in the same order you found them in. If you notice something is not working or broken while you visit, please contact a Quala employee.


Secure your Belongings

If you are leaving your equipment on our yards, please secure your belongings. Take your keys, remove your valuables, and remember to lock your vehicle. Quala is NOT responsible for lost items or damage to vehicles or equipment. Although some locations have surveillance cameras parking is at your own risk.

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