Enviromental Surcharge

We're COMMITTED to a Clean Environment

Over the past year, Quala has adjusted our vision, mission, and values to align with current and future initiatives. While developing action plans, we always take into account the safety of our customers and employees, the value future adjustments will bring to our customers, and the impact those choices will have on the areas we service. We believe that our progress should never compromise the health and wellbeing of future generations or the environment. Being a Cleaner Company means that we are proactive in achieving company goals that move our people and environment toward a better world.


Sustainable cleaning at it’s best!

At Quala, compliance is fundamental to our success. As a respected tank wash and industrial cleaning service provider to U.S. and Canadian bulk transportation companies, health, safety, environment, and the surrounding communities are key. They are important to our reputation as a “preferred container solutions” service partner, integrity and respect as an employer and environmentally friendly neighbor of choice. We lead the industry in environmental stewardship, supporting green technology through the use of earth-friendly, safe cleaning products, recycling and reducing waste. Additionally, Quala commits the necessary resources to protect the environment and comply with all applicable environmental laws, regulations, permits, and agreements. Compliance is evaluated on a continuous basis with environmental risks being reduced through ongoing operating improvements and our emergency preparedness programs. When you choose Quala, you are investing in a company with business practices in place that eliminate the risks that are common in our industry, allowing your company to thrive. If you have any questions contact your dedicated sales representative or our QualaCares team at 855.55.Quala.

Quala’s Focus on the Environment

  • Industry leader for environmental stewardship, far exceeding regulatory standards
  • Heel management program properly reduces and manages waste from initial generation to final disposal
  • Robust EH&S team 100% dedicated to and focused on regulatory compliance
  • Dedicated team of chemists that develop safe cleaning and heating procedures, which protects your equipment, your customer’s product, and your people
  • Continuous improvements to processes and equipment

Value Provided to Customers

  • Reduction of exposure/risk through proper environmental management
  • Assure all disposal adheres to regulations
  • Reusable heel returned as product, whenever possible

Increasing Costs of Compliance

  • Increasing federal & state regulatory fees
  • Increased wastewater fees from municipal/city infrastructure improvements
  • Investment in proprietary database designed for tracking chemicals
  • Increased city discharge restrictions
  • Air and wastewater discharge permit renewals and modifications
  • New EPA electronic manifest (e-manifest) fee

What is an Environmental Service Charge?

A Environmental Service Charge is a 4.8 % charge on each invoice to cover Quala’s industry-leading environmental stewardship & compliance. This will allow us to continue operating in a safe, environmentally friendly manner while achieving an acceptable operating margin.

Why is Quala introducing this?

Our focus on operating in an environmentally conscious manner has associated costs:

  • Product review prior to acceptance for cleaning to ensure safe handling and compliance to all associated permits
  • Heels management program reduces and properly manages waste from initial generation to final disposal
  • Proper waste disposal (removal, packaging, storage, & transport) & paying applicable local/state fees 
  • Safe & effective wastewater treatment, rebuilding & upgrading plants and other equipment designed to comply with increasing regulatory guidelines and restrictions
  • Robust EH&S team 100% dedicated to and focused on regulatory compliance and continuous improvements to processes and equipment
  • Air and wastewater permit renewals and modifications

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