"Our greatest priority is the
health and safety of our employees,
customers and communities."

Health and Safety

At Quala, health and safety is our greatest priority for our communities, our customers and our employees. We meet or exceed the national industry standards for safe operation at all of our facilities. We are building a safety culture in all that we do.

Risk Reduction Integrated into all Initiatives

• We focus our efforts on the health and safety of safe work practices, engineering controls, proper personnel protective equipment, increased communication and teamwork.

• Comprehensive employee communication and training for risk awareness and safe work practices. Established clear definition of safety requirements and strategies to reduce risk.

• Comprehensive reporting, investigation, analysis and communication of incidents and near miss events. Behavior based safety initiatives with positive reinforcement and immediate corrective action are the keys to our success.

• Comprehensive hazard recognition and control processes at all locations.

The Quala Commitment to Safety Training

Our safety training program is a comprehensive blend of daily topic-specific safety discussions, monthly state-of-the-art online courses, web-based seminars and instructor-led classes. All of our cleaners, mechanics and technicians are trained annually in safety topics such as:

• Audits & Inspections
• Back Safety
• Bloodborne Pathogens
• Confined Space Entry & Rescue
• Electrical Safety & Lockout Tagout
• Emergency Preparedness
• Fall Protection
• Fire Prevention & Safety
• Forklift Training & Safety
• Hand, Wrist & Finger Safety
• Hazard Communication
• Heat Stress
• Materials Handling & Storage
• Personal Protective Equipment
• Respiratory Protection
• Slips, Trips & Falls

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